Welcome to the new website of the Canadian Network on Humanitarian History: aidhistory.ca. In this website you will find the materialization of the wishes of the members of the network, who expressed their feelings and necessities on what the website should include during the Second Canadian Workshop on the History of Humanitarian Aid, which was held on May 30 2015.

The workshop

In this workshop the network members were advised by the Online Producer Shawn Anctil on how the website of the network could be improved and how the new website should be built. This new website is the result of hours of discussion among the members during the workshop and dozens of hours of work and effort by the technical team behind the website.


Shawn Anctil at the Workshop

The main focus of this website is to fulfill the necessities of the members of the network regarding the history of humanitarian aid. This is why the website was built according to these guidelines, which were the result of the discussion at the past workshop:

-The website should open connections with the other members of the network, and be able to invite experts, academics, archivists, members of NGO’s and members of the civil society to join the network, so that it grows stronger and wider.

-aidhistory.ca needs to keep an updated Events and Announcements section so that the members of the network are always aware of future events regarding the history of humanitarian aid, aware of important announcements about the network itself, and aware of calls of other organizations or institutions which also deal with the history of humanitarian aid.

-aidhistory.ca should keep an updated blog section (which will be managed by the own members of the network) in order to show continuity and professionalism to the public in general and potential members of the network.

-The website must provide access to valuable resources regarding the history of humanitarian aid, so that people can easily access content and material valuable for their research. Aidhistory.ca should also include an Archives section where information is reliable and easy to find.

-aidhistory.ca should show updated information about who is doing research on the history of humanitarian aid, and on what topics in specific.

-The website must be intuitive, user friendly, unified, organized, easy to navigate and not overwhelming, so that potential members and general visitors feel comfortable with it. The network is aiming to make the content of the website reachable for professionals, students, the media and society in general.

-aidhistory.ca should promote constant contact and exchange of information among the members, so that everyone in the network remains active.

We invite you to explore and navigate about the different sections of the new website of the Canadian Network on Humanitarian History. We hope that you find it helpful and reliable. Welcome again and enjoy!


Dr. Dominique Marshall, Professor

Carlos Uriel Contreras Flores, Research Assistant