Welcome to the Canadian Network on Humanitarian History

We are a multidisciplinary network interested in the history of humanitarian and development aid, NGOs, and the archives that preserve the histories of organizations and institutions related to this history. We encourage anyone with an interest in this history to join our network, whether you are a student, academic, professional, retired professional, or archivist. We are an affiliated committee of the Canadian Historical Association/Société historique du Canada.

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Header image citations:
All CIDA Photos courtesy of Sonya DeLaat
CIDA Slides: Collection of photographers Crombie McNeill and David Barbour, images depicting CIDA activities part of the Library and Archives Canada collection. Library and Archives Canada/Canadian International Development Agency/TCS00196-1988-056 2000816725.
CIDA: At a ceremony for the refugees at the Guatemalan border, a banner reads ” Companeras: las Mujeres de Victoria 20 de Enero les dan la bienvenida,” Project: Guatemalan Refugee Repatriation, Photo by Peter Bennet, 1994. Project Accompaniment was a Canadian non-governmental organization (NGO) formed by churches, unions and organizations that sympathized with the Guatemalan refugees in Mexico.
CIDA: Angola, near Lubango, Project: Angola Emergency Food Distribution, Sponsor: CARE International. Photo by Bruce Paton, 1991.
All Red Cross Photos courtesy of Sarah Glassford and are available at Library and Archives Canada:
WWI Red Cross Hospital, England
WWII Red Cross Prisoner of War Food Parcel Program
Photos of RG 74 (CIDA) boxes taken at Library and Archives Canada by Jill Campbell-Miller.