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Keith Spicer: Illustrated Maps of Humanitarian Travels in Asia, 1960

By Tyler Owens* and Dominique Marshall


The postcards and personal photographs from Dr. Keith Spicer’s 1960 trip through Europe, Africa, and Asia, were produced during the research he conducted on the trip for a doctoral thesis, better known today as A Samaritan State? External aid in Canada’s foreign policy (1966). On the same occasion, he  laid the foundations for Canadian Overseas Volunteers, which would  become Canadian University Students Overseas (CUSO). These two maps tell the story of this trip, in his own words. Click the arrows below to take this voyage with him.

* Tyler Owens, research assistant for the CNHH paid by I-CUREUS project put together these ESRI Story Map presentations as part of the preparations for A ‘Samaritan State’ Revisited Conference in December 2016 .  We thank the MacOdrum Library Map specialist Rebecca Bartlett for ther technical advice.

Archives and Foreign Aid, A Workshop Summary

by Tyler Owens



On December 12th and 13th 2016, the conference A Samaritan State Revisited: Historical Perspectives on Canadian Foreign Aid, 1950-2016 was held at the Global Affairs Canada Lester B. Pearson Building in Ottawa. The aim of the conference was to explore the development of Canadian foreign aid over the preceding 60 years. (In footnote: 2016 was also the 60th anniversary of the publication of A Samaritan State?, among the first scholarly analyses of Canada’s foreign aid policy, written by Dr. Keith Spicer.) Prior to the official opening of the conference, archivists, historians, and members of the aid sector from Quebec and Ontario gathered for a workshop session. The aim of this session was to bring together colleagues from all branches of aid history; those gathered were experts in the archival, library, and document management sciences related to the production, preservation, and use of archives on humanitarian aid. The workshop therefore facilitated the sharing of tips, procedures, and best practices for researching the history of Canadian aid.

The workshop took the form of seven presentations followed by a brief question period.

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Report on the Third Annual Workshop of the CNHH, June 2, 2016

by Sandy Barron


AM Session
Attending: Dominique Marshall, Will Tait, Sundas Khan, Nassisse Solomon, Stephanie Bangarth, Kevin Brushett. Skype: Matthew Burch, Sarah Glassford, Erin Edwards, Kevin O’Sullivan, Laura Madokoro (10:15-11:15). Notes: Sandy Barron.
Dominique Marshall:

1) Renew connection to CASAID?
2) Match International Archives at Carleton – Dr. Marshall will email members about progress of file     organization.
3) 2017 Conference (150 Ideas of Canada) – Kevin Brushett to look into CNHH involvement
4) Journal of Canadian Studies – 2018 themed issue on Canadian aid
Kevin O’Sullivan – make as coherent as possible; have a chapter on ethics written by a philosopher
5) SSHRCC funding – not awarded. Why? – Kevin O’Sullivan: break into different component parts to increase coherence, make more conducive to current concerns
6) Collaborations with NGOs – movement of personnel within NGOs making this difficult
7) Social Media – #aidhistory hashtag working well

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CNHH Second Newsletter

The second Bulletin of the Canadian Network on Humanitarian History was sent out last week.  For any who missed it, the full text of the newsletter may be found below.  This bulletin covers the upcoming Congress and Workshop in Calgary, some recent blogs, and the Network’s research activities and work with NGOs.

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New Publication: The Emergence of Humanitarian Intervention.

Cambridge University Press recently published a new volume on humanitarian aid and intervention of potential interest to the community.  Edited by Dr. Fabian Klose of the Leibniz-Institut fuer Europaeische Geschichte, Mainz, The Emergence of Humanitarian Intervention: Ideas and Practice from the Nineteenth Century to Present presents articles by academics including Michael Geyer, Daniel Marc Segesser, Stefan Kroll, and Mairi S. Macdonald.

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My Visit to Plan Canada’s Head Offices in Toronto

By Carlos Uriel Contreras Flores



In this post I will let you know my experience in Toronto at the offices of Plan Canada, a visit I made last week.

Some weeks ago, Professor Dominique Marshall asked me to check some irreplaceable documents that Plan Canada had in their offices in Toronto, and that are part of the historical archives of the organization. These are basically letters and photo albums of some of their most important and lasting donors and sponsors.

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Second Canadian Workshop on the History of Humanitarian Aid

By William Tait

The Second Canadian Workshop on the History of Humanitarian Aid took place on 30 May 2015 at Carleton University in Ottawa.  The event built on a workshop held last year where historians  from across Canada, archivists from Library and Archives Canada and Carleton University Archives, a well as humanitarian practitioners from Partnership Africa Canada, Oxfam, and MATCH International Women’s Fund met to welcome Dr Kevin O’Sullivan from the National University of Ireland.  Kevin was a catalyst for the first workshop in 2014 when he travelled to Canada to conduct research.  In his latest book O’Sullivan has likened Irish and Canadian use of soft power through aid and development1.  Under the organisation of Dominique Marshall, Professor and Chair of the Department of History at Carleton and former President of the Canadian Historical Association, a website was created after the 2014 meeting to link a growing online collaboration of aid practitioners, archivists, and academics interested in preserving the history of humanitarian action both in Canada and elsewhere.  O’Sullivan returned to Carleton this year to brief the workshop and members of the Canadian Network on Humanitarian History (CNHH) on developments in the field and to continue to expand collaboration with European partners.

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