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CNHH Sixth Annual Meeting and Workshop

by Lydia Wytenbroek

The Canadian Network of Humanitarian History (CNHH), an affiliate member of the Canadian Historical Association, held its sixth annual meeting and workshop on June 6, 2019 at UBC. The meeting offered an opportunity to reflect on network activities over the past year. CNHH members have furthered the study of the history of humanitarianism and development assistance through a range of exciting and innovative publications. Over the past year, more than a dozen original blog posts were published on the CNHH website on innovative topics pertaining to development aid and humanitarianism. Several CNHH members also contributed chapters to the open-access book, A Samaritan State Revisited: Historical Perspectives on Canadian Foreign Aid, published in 2019 by University of Calgary Press. As we reflected on the success of these posts and publications, we also discussed the need for a broader, comprehensive project that explores the history of Canadian development efforts. The opportunity to network, discuss the future of humanitarian history and consider future collaborative projects was a highlight of the meeting.

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Workshop and 2018 Annual Meeting of the CNHH



8:30 Arrival and greetings

9:00 News and exchanges possibilities from our two international guests, Valérie Gorin and Soenke Kunkel

10:00 Other news and projects

-David Webster will talk about preserving and digitizing NGO archives

-Dominique Marshall about the recent archival rescue project

12:00 Annual meeting, light lunch provided

1:30 TBA

2:30 End of meeting

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Report on the Third Annual Workshop of the CNHH, June 2, 2016

by Sandy Barron


AM Session
Attending: Dominique Marshall, Will Tait, Sundas Khan, Nassisse Solomon, Stephanie Bangarth, Kevin Brushett. Skype: Matthew Burch, Sarah Glassford, Erin Edwards, Kevin O’Sullivan, Laura Madokoro (10:15-11:15). Notes: Sandy Barron.
Dominique Marshall:

1) Renew connection to CASAID?
2) Match International Archives at Carleton – Dr. Marshall will email members about progress of file     organization.
3) 2017 Conference (150 Ideas of Canada) – Kevin Brushett to look into CNHH involvement
4) Journal of Canadian Studies – 2018 themed issue on Canadian aid
Kevin O’Sullivan – make as coherent as possible; have a chapter on ethics written by a philosopher
5) SSHRCC funding – not awarded. Why? – Kevin O’Sullivan: break into different component parts to increase coherence, make more conducive to current concerns
6) Collaborations with NGOs – movement of personnel within NGOs making this difficult
7) Social Media – #aidhistory hashtag working well

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Future Website and Common Research Projects

By Rebecca Henfrey


Future website

The second Major discussion of the day centered on the creation of the network’s website. Shawn Antcil, a web developer and designer from Carleton University ran this presentation and recorded the feedback given by members. The following is a brief summary of considerations and proposals put forth by Shawn and other various individuals.

Highlights of Shawn’s Presentation

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Sarah Glassford,Will Tait, Shirley Tillotson, Dominique Marshall, Stephanie Bangarth and Jill Campbell-Miller, members of the Canadian Network on Humanitarian History, participated in three academic events at the Canadian Historical Association
(CHA) Annual Meeting in Congress 2015, which took place at the University of Ottawa from May 30 to June 5, in Ottawa, Ontario.

Sarah Glassford,Will Tait and Shirley Tillotson took part in the “Public, Private, Political: Charitable Organizations and Citizen Engagement” Roundtable, which was held on Tuesday June 2.

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