Carleton PhD candidate Will Tait visited the CHF building just before it closed. Click here for slide show:

House of the Canadian Hunger Foundation, Chapel street, Ottawa

And here is the post announcing the closing.  Here is an article in Embassy on the forces that lead to the closing: “Anatomy if an NGO closure“.

Library and Archives Canada hold the CHF fonds.  Here is the Description of the fonds. They will collect the remaining archives.  The CNHH is working with them on a project to rescue and identify a large collection of unidentified pictures.

The Freedom from Hunger Project commemorates some of their history.

And Matthew Bunch, member of the network and historian, wrote his doctoral thesis on the topic:  “All Roads Lead to Rome: Canada, the Freedom From Hunger Campaign, and the Rise of NGOs, 1960-1980“, University of Waterloo, 2007.  He has posted “A Short History of the Canadian Hunger Foundation” on this website.