Global Affairs Canada – Foreign Policy Research – PORH
Ottawa (Ontario)
$88,704 to $98,569

Closing date: 8 January 2020 – 23:59, Pacific Time

Who can apply: Persons residing in Canada and Canadian citizens residing abroad.

For further information including the online application process, please visit the Government of Canada job postings website.


HR-04 position description:

Reporting to the Director – Foreign Policy Research and Foresight Division, the Head of the historical section of Global Affairs Canada is responsible for managing the overall program of work for the department’s historical section, including assigning and monitoring projects and managing financial and personnel resources. The Head also plays a strategic function in priority setting for the section, including through partnership development, promotion and outreach with a wide range of stakeholders as well as through input into various editing and production processes.

Intent of the process

Indeterminate, Deployment

Positions to be filled: 1

Information you must provide

Your résumé.

In order to be considered, your application must clearly explain how you meet the following (essential qualifications)

E1. Graduation with a PhD from a recognized university with an acceptable specialization in history, political science or a cognate discipline, with a specialization in Canadian external relations or Canada’s international history.

Degree equivalency

EX1. *Extensive experience working on subjects relevant to the study of the history of Canadian external relations or Canada’s international history using a variety of archival sources.
EX2. *Extensive experience in writing substantial reports, monographs, and peer-reviewed scholarly publications.
EX3. Experience in supervising employees/students/team members.

*Extensive is defined as the depth and breadth of experience normally associated with full-time performance of duties for approximately 3 years within the past 10 years.

If you possess any of the following, your application must also clearly explain how you meet it (other qualifications)

AEX1. Experience working with private sector publishers
AEX2. Experience producing a substantial, internationally recognized scholarly publication.

The following will be applied / assessed at a later date (essential for the job)

Bilingual – Imperative (CBC/CBC)
An imperative appointment means that the language requirements of the position must be met at the time of appointment.

Information on language requirements

K1. Knowledge of the history of Canadian external relations and Canada’s international history.
K2. Knowledge of the methods used in research in the social sciences and humanities.
K3. Knowledge of the academic community in Canada and abroad working on Canada’s external relations.
K4. Knowledge of the mandate and priorities of Global Affairs Canada.

A1. Ability to carry out independent research.
A2. Ability to communicate orally.
A3. Ability to communicate in writing.
A4. Ability to develop and maintain effective working relationships with departmental officials and academics.
A5. Ability to analyze and evaluate, and reach original conclusions.
A6. Ability to meet deadlines and work well under pressure.
A7. Ability to improve through self-learning and development.

C1. Initiative
C2. Critical Thinking
C3. Adaptability
C4. Judgment
C5. Team player
C6. Dependability