All members of the CNHH community are cordially invited to celebrate the launch of historian Laura Madokoro‘s (Assistant Professor, McGill University) new book, Elusive Refuge: Chinese Migrants in the Cold War.

The launch will take place on 29 October 2016 from 4 to 6 pm at Bar Robo, 692 Somerset West, Ottawa (at the Chinatown Gates).

Elusive Refuge recovers the history of China’s twentieth-century refugees.  Focusing on humanitarian efforts to find new homes for Chinese displaced by civil strife, historian Laura Madokoro points out a constellation of factors – entrenched bigotry in white settler societies such as Canada, the spread of human rights ideals, and the geopolitical pressures of the Cold War – which coalesced to shape domestic and international refugee policies that still hold sway today.

For further information, please visit the publisher’s website.