The Archives of the International Committee of the Red Cross, through Crosswise this includes access to the organization’s online and audiovideo archival material, now makes research guides available to researchers.  These guides include links and online resources that may be of relevant interest.

From the ICRC Website:

The ICRC Library produces research guides in order to help researchers access the most relevant and reliable sources on the ICRC and international humanitarian law from its online catalogue, the full text of reference documents such as the annual reports of the ICRC, and much more. Research guides are enriched with links to relevant websites and other online resources of particular interest. Should you find difficulty finding relevant resources on our online catalogue, please send a request to, it will help the Library Team shape new research guides.

Through the ICRC website, researchers can find information and access not only to the new research guides, but to the Red Cross archives, library, and audiovideo collections.  For more information, visit the ICRC’s Cross-Files website or contact the relevant archival agency.