The Canadian Network on Humanitarian History sponsored a panel at the Canadian Historical Association in Regina on May 29th, 2018 on “Histories of Humanitarianism and (Visual) Media.” Four presentations explored the complicated ways in which media, particularly visual media, challenged, described, and elicited humanitarian interventions in the 20th century. On the whole, the panel asked the audience to think about the important role that media has played in histories of humanitarianism globally, and the complexities inherent in the use of media as a tool in humanitarian contexts.

Histories of Humanitarianism and (Visual) Media | Histoires de l’humanitaire et les médias (visuels)

Panel introduction by Chair, Stephanie Bangarth (Western University), 0:09

Sonya de Laat (McMaster University): “Visual Displacement of
Refugees: Lewis Hine’s First World War Photographs for the American
Red Cross, 1918-1919,” 3:08

Valérie Gorin (University of Geneva): “Humanitarian Cinema and
Visual Advocacy in the 1920s: When Seeing was Believing,” 14:50

Soenke Kundel (Free University of Berlin/Germany): “Global Media and
the New Humanitarianism in the Context of the Vietnam War,” 29:40

Dominique Marshall (Carleton University) “ ‘CIDA Brings you
the World! ‘Children’s Reception of Humanitarian Photographs
of Children: 1980-2000,” 40:35

Panel Chair Stephanie Bangarth poses prepared questions to the panel, 54:15

The panel is opened to questions from the audience, 1:16:40. Be advised that these questions may be difficult to hear given the audience’s position to the microphone. You may be required to increase the audio’s volume to hear this portion.

Sponsored by the Canadian Network on Humanitarian History
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