Call for Papers General Announcement

13/14 June 2019

International Federation of the Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies

17 Chemin des Crets, 1209 Geneva, Switzerland

The years following the end of the Great War witnessed one of the great historical junctures in the history of the Red Cross movement: a moment at which the Red Cross’ institutional and normative structures, its technical capabilities and ambitions were transformed in ways that would profoundly affect its activities and outlook over the next hundred years.  This 2-day conference brings together historians and practitioners working on the Red Cross movement to debate the legacy, events, and ideas flowing from 1919 and to engage with contemporary issues and concerns of the broader Red Cross movement.  The conference will be addressed by two leading scholars of humanitarianism:

  • Andrew Thompson, Director of the Centre for Global and Imperial History (University of Exeter), Chief Executive of the UK Arts and Humanities Research Council.
  • Eleanor Davey, Lecturer in History of Humanitarianism at the University of Manchester’s Humanitarian and Conflict Response Institute.

The organizing committee particularly welcomes papers on the following themes: the tension of professionalism over voluntarism; the proliferation of humanitarian activities and associated technologies; rethinking IHL and the legal regime; issues of gender, the role of media, and the shift from war to peace/disaster management.  Please send abstracts (300 words) and a brief biography to Davide Rodogno or Neville Wylie by 16 July 2018.


Organizing committee:

James Crossland (LJMU), Irene Herrmann (Geneva), Branden Little (Weber), Grant Mitchell (IFRCRCS), Melanie Oppenheimer (Flinders), Davide Rodogno (Graduate Institute, Geneva), Rosemary Way (Hull), Neville Wylie (Nottingham).

Twitter: @RedXHistory2019

Histories of the Red Cross Call for papers 19 3 2018