Author: Sandrine Murray

José Venturelli Eade’s art exhibit at Carleton University

Solidarity for Chilean Diaspora at Carleton:  Leonore Leon’s university

By Sandrine Murray

Full-length videos of the evening are below. 

On Dec. 4, 2017, Carleton University’s department of history celebrated 45 years of involvement in the Chilean diaspora with an art exhibition of Chilean artist José Venturelli Eade. He went into exile after the country’s military coup in 1973, his murals and paintings representative of social revolution in Latin America.

Carleton University was the first Canadian university to welcome the exhibition,  thanks to its involvement in welcoming and reaching out to Chilean refugees. Dictator Augusto Pinochet overthrew Salvador Allende in a coup d’état supported by the American government under Nixon, and as a result, many people fled, looking for refuge countries abroad and in Canada.

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Global Impact Soirée

By Sandrine Murray


On May 9, 2017, CNHH attended Global Impact Soirée, an event highlighting Canadian contributions to international aid.

Tyler Owens and Julia van Drie helped research a film discussing Canada’s history of international aid. It took the work of six CNHH members to identify events, while research assistants Tyler and Julia documented them. The CNHH also helped rejuvenate the slide show of CIDA highlighted at the evening. “25 years of excellence in International Photography,” was brought back online at the CNHH’s request, and is now hosted by the MacOdrum Library at Carleton University.To see the photos, check out the CIDA photo library collection here.

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Book Launch: Sarah Glassford’s Mobilizing Mercy

by Sandrine Murray

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On Friday, April 28, 2017, the Canadian Network on Humanitarian History (CNHH) hosted a book launch for Mobilizing Mercy: A History of the Canadian Red Cross, by social historian -and a founder of the CNHH- Sarah Glassford. Members of the Red Cross were in attendance, including CEO of the Canadian Red Cross, Conrad Sauvé, who opened the evening with a few words of introduction.

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