Of potential interest to members of the CNHH, Vanderhoeck & Ruprecht recently published a new volume on the European concepts of humanity, morality, and philanthropy, edited by Fabian Klose and Mirjam Thulin, both of the Leibniz Institut fuer Europaeische Geschichte (IEG). 

This new volume contains chapters by Francisco Bethencourt (King’s College London), Paul Betts (St. Anthony’s College), Mihai-D. Grigore (IEG), Mariano Delgado (Universitaet Freiburg Schweiz), Judith Becker (IEG), Robert Brier (The London School of Economics and Political Science), Thomas Weller (IEG), Fabian Klose, Kirsten von Lingen (Universitaet Heidelberg) , Esther Moeller (IEG), Joachim Berger (IEG), Katharina Stornig (IEG), Gerhard Kruip (Johannes Gutenberg-Universitaet Mainz), and Johannes Paulmann (IEG).

From Amazon: This volume investigates the development and practices of the concept of “humanity”from the sixteenth century up to the present.  By taking a comparative and interdisciplinary approach, the contributors focus on Europe as well as Europe’s relations to other world regions in the process that shaped “humanity.”  They show how this emerging concept led to the overcoming of fundamental divisions in many spheres on the one hand and the formation of new hierarchies on the other.

More information on this volume can be found at the publisher’s website.  A recent review of the volume, published by Imperial & Global Forum and reviewed by Ben Holmes (University of Exeter), can be found here.