Thursday June 6: Sixth Annual Workshop and Meeting of the CNHH

Planning is underway for the sixth annual workshop and business meeting of the CNHH, which will take place during the morning of June 6, the first day following the Canadian Historical Association. Though we are still in the planning phase, the main event will hopefully be a discussion on the issue of “region” in Canadian activism around issues of international development and aid with the British Columbia CCIC, though the details still need to be worked out. Other issues we will discuss are:

  • An update to the “archival rescue” project with Chris Trainor, archivist at Archives and Research Collections, Carleton, and other archival projects that the CNHH has underway.
  • Reports from individual and collaborative CNHH projects.
  • The potential for a special issue on aid and humanitarianism within the Canadian Journal of History.

We invite anyone who has a contribution, such as a research project underway that they would like to advertise to CNHH membership, to get in touch with us let us know, and we can add you to the agenda.

Arrangements can also be made for you to join by Skype. For more information or to add an item to our agenda, please email Jill Campbell-Miller at