Of potential interest for members of the CNHH, Library and Archives Canada has posted a call for projects for its upcoming DigiLab launch.

From the LAC website:

Call for projects at Library and Archives Canada’s free digital facility—the DigiLab

We invite you—individuals, organizations, community groups and genealogists—to send us your project proposals to use our new hands-on digital space called the DigiLab. It is Library and Archives Canada’s (LAC) new makerspace that offers you access to scanning equipment and description tools to digitize our materials of interest to you. If your project is suitable for the DigiLab, you will have training on and access to high-resolution digital scanning equipment for free!

The DigiLab will not only provide you with a facility to digitize LAC materials for your project goals, but these same materials will be accessible online—creating a wealth of digital documentary heritage that benefits all Canadians.

Be sure to send in your project plan right away! The DigiLab is set to open in spring 2017.

Visit the DigiLab web page for details or email us at bac.numeri-lab-digilab.lac@canada.ca.


The original Call for Projects may be found here.