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Canada’s Transnational Humanitarians: Aid, Advocacy, Development, and Faith in the Pre-Digital Age

Canadian Historical Association Annual Meeting at the Congress of the Social Sciences and Humanities 2016, University of Calgary

June 1st, 2016

Chair: Nicole Marion (Carleton University)

Nassisse Solomon (Western University): Combating the “Eclipse in Ethiopia”: Humanitarian Efforts of the Sudan Interior Mission During the Italo-Ethiopian War

Dominique Marshall (Carleton University): Humanitarisme et réseaux d’information transnationaux: flux de renseignements entre Oxfam UK, Oxfam Canada, Oxfam Québec et l’hémisphère sud, 1955-1975

Will Tait (Carleton University): Canadian Food Aid and the Transnational Evangelical Movement, 1970-1986

The audio is divided into five files and is organized by speaker. Nassisse Solomon’s paper is preceded by Nicole Marion’s introductory comments regarding the panelists, the purposes of the panel as a whole, and the kinds of work conducted by the Network. As the papers ran long, there is no question and answer phase following Will Tait’s presentation.

Conflict Minerals, Gender and (In)Security in Africa’s Great Lakes Region

Presented by the Institute of African Studies at Carleton University and part of the lunch-time Brownbag lecture series, this talk was delivered by Joanne Lebert of Partnership Africa Canada (PAC).  Fully titled: “Conflict Minerals, Gender and (In)Security in Africa’s Great Lakes Region: the limitations of the sexual violence paradigm,” this talk was hosted on 4 March 2015.

Ideas: “From the Trenches – Just Trying to Help,“ CBC Radio, 15 September 2015

“The borderlands that separate genuine helpfulness from meddling—or worse—are an unruly region in the realm of thought…riddled with questions of consent and of who-knows-best. This episode is called Just Trying to Help and it takes us to a small, densely populated island in the Caribbean, where wealthy foreigners have been ‘just trying to help’ for decades: the troubled nation of Haiti.

It is the latest in our series Ideas from the Trenches where producers Tom Howell and Nicola Luksic showcase the work of PhD students across the country. Marylynn Steckley is a PhD graduate from Western University. She spent 6 years in Haiti with her family both as an NGO worker and researcher.” 55 minutes. SSHRC Storyteller winner.”

You can listen on the CBC website here.

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Dessins d’enfants et aide humanitaire: expressions et expositions transnationales

Il s’agit du discours présidentiel de 2015 de la Canadian Historical Association par Dominique Marshall, professeur d’histoire à l’Université Carleton et alors président de la Canadian Historical Association.

This is the Canadian Historical Association’s 2015 Presidential Address by Dominique Marshall, Professor of History at Carleton University and then president of the Canadian Historical Association.

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