We have worked as a group with the following NGOs:

Second Workshop of the Network, May 2015, Carleton University – Photo by U. Contreras.









We have worked in partnership with several archivists to organize, place, rescue and promote collections.  In particular:

  • Archives and Research Collections Carleton University (for the acquisition, indexation and identification work of the Meyer Brownstone Fonds), the Match International Fonds, and the unidentified pictures of the Canadian Hunger Foundation Fonds.
  • the Archives of the Canadian Red Cross
  • the Bodleian Library, for the supplementary information concerning Canada in the Oxfam Fonds.
  • Library and Archives Canada.


Interdisciplinary Members

We have joined forces with Carleton’s MA in Philanthropy and Nonprofit Leadership, Carleton’s School of Business, the Migration and Diaspora Studies network; the Canadian Association for the Study of International Development (CASID), the McLeod Group.


International Links

We maintain relations with the Non-State Humanitarianism Network (EU) the Voluntary Action History Society (UK), HistPhil (USA).