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Third Bulletin of the CNHH

The Third Newsletter of the CNHH was sent out to the membership and subscribers this morning. The full text of the bulletin can be read below. This update addresses new members and news from the membership, past and future events, publications, and conferences of the Network, and the future research projects and funding.

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Partnership Africa Canada reaches into 30-years of archives with Carleton and CNHH

by Zuzia Danielski

As Partnership Africa Canada (PAC) celebrates its 30th anniversary this year, welcoming a growing team and expanding programs, there is no better time to take stock of our roots.

With the retirement of PAC’s long-serving Executive Director in 2015, it became crucial to document the organization’s three decades of history in order to preserve institutional memory, share it with the newest members of our team, and ensure the principles that PAC was founded on continue to be integrated across all programs.

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