by Victoria Hawkins

Cross posted with Match International Women’s Fund.

During her BA in History at Carleton University, Victoria worked as a research assistant for the Canadian Network of Humanitarian History.[1]  She seconded the University Archives and Research Collections in the inventory of this new collection, which will be available to the public soon.


Highlight of the Archives of the Match Fund Newly Arrived at Carleton University.


The MATCH International Women’s Fund’s archives include some files of specific projects conducted overseas in regions such as Africa and South America since the beginning of the Canadian NGO 40 years ago. There were many interesting projects in South America, especially out of Peru. For instance, a number of projects for the improvement of the lives of women were implemented in the shantytown Belen, outside of Lima, namely with a Mother’s Club. But most of the materials on these projects were in Spanish making them difficult for me to interpret more deeply.

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