European Review of History.  Special double-issue on ‘Humanitarianisms in Context: Histories of Non-State Actors, from the Local to the Global’ is now made available as open access.  The articels in this collection focus on a range of issues that shaped humanitarianism from the nineteenth to the twenty-first centuries, covering a wide geographical area – from Japan and India to Europe and the Middle East – and providing case studies of a variety of different NGOs.  In keeping with the goals of the ‘Non-State Humanitarian’ network, from which the contributions are drawn, the special issue also brings together academics and practitioners, including the reflections on the role of history from the contemporary humanitarian sector.

Journal of Colonialism and Colonial History.  This special issue of the Journal of Colonialism and Colonial History focusses on Empire, Humanitarianism and Violence in the Colonies.  Topics include materiality and mobility, moral imperialism, and the politics of protection across a broad geographical and chronological space.

Humanitarian Alternatives.  Published three times per year, this new bilingual journal was initiated by the Action Against Hunger Foundation, the French Red-Cross Fund, the Handicap International Foundation and the Mérieux Foundation – in collaboration with a network of partner universities and institutes including the Université Laval (Québec), the Raoul Dandurand Chair / UQAM (Montréal), the Université Lumière Lyon II/Université de Lyon and the Bioforce Institute.

Humanity Journal.  This interdisciplinary publication from the University of Pennsylvania Press is dedicated to original research and discussion on human rights, humanitarianism, and development in the contemporary and modern world.