The Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies

Geneva, Switzerland

invites applications for a full-time position at the rank of


starting on 1st February 2017 or on a mutually agreed-upon date.

The Institute is seeking candidates about to be appointed associate professor or already at the rank of associate professor with a few years of experience.  Candidates must hold a PhD in history or equivalent.  The successful candidate is expected to have an outstanding research and teaching record.  We seek to bolster our teaching and researching capacity by recruiting someone able to make a significant long-term contribution on the broad themes that are within the remit of the department.  This corresponds to the following fields:

The history of international governance and systems

This includes critical (non-instituttional) history of international organisations and/or the history of international relations as well as the history of international systems and governance.

The history of transnational actors and actions

This includes transnational movements and mobilities, actors and actions, and the history of protests and revolutions.

The history of cultures, societies and markets in regional or global perspective

This includes (1) the international history of culture; (2) the history of political regimes and ideologies; and (3) the history of international development policies, development ideas and their relations to cultures, societies and markets.  This third component includes broad transversal themes with strong interdisciplinary appeal such as property rights, environment, health, food and education or urban history.

The teaching and research fields sketched above should not be seen as being mutually exclusive.  The Department of International History does not have an a priori on the specific background of the candidates.  She or he should preferably be open to comparative analysis and be active on the frontier of methodological innovation and research trends.

The successful candidate will research and teach courses at both the master’s and doctoral levels and supervise master’s and PhD theses in the Department of International History.  She or he will also be called upon to teach classes and supervise master’s theses in the Institute’s interdisciplinary programmes.  She or he will also possibly contribute to executive education’s programmes.

The teaching language is either English or French.  Prior knowledge of French is not required, but the successful candidate is expected to acquire at least a passive knowledge of it within two years of being hired.

The Institute reserves the right to fill this position by invitation at any time.

Application deadline: 20 August 2016

For more information, candidates are encouraged to consult the Institute’s website:

To apply:

Please note that offers received by post won’t be considered.