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The Trouble with Canadian Aid: Reflecting on International Development Week

March 29, 2021

Held in mid-February 2021, this webinar was sponsored by the CNHH featuring five academics coming together from different aspects of Canadian foreign policy and aid relations: David Webster (Bishop’s University), Jill Campbell-Miller (Carleton University), Nassisse Solomon (Western University), April Ingham (Pacific People’s Partnership), Dru Oja Jay (co-author Paved with Good Intentions), and moderated by Bianca Mugyenyi (Canadian Foreign Policy Institute).

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“Learning from Development/Development from Learning: Aid and Education, 1945-1975”

June 21, 2019

CNHH Sponsored Panel – Canadian Historical Association Annual Meeting

Congress of the Humanities and Social Sciences

June 5, 2019

University of British Columbia

Education – defined broadly – was at the heart of notions, discourses, and practices of international development efforts in the mid-twentieth century. Learning from Development/Development from Learning:Aid and Education, 1945-1975 proposes to engage with this idea at multiple registers, across diverse time periods, and in the non-governmental, governmental, and intergovernmental settings. In so doing, it explores how Canadians were implicated in a diverse array of efforts to impart the knowledge of ‘development’, the way in which such knowledge was constructed, and the structures of power it thus reflected and reified. It also explores how Canadian involvement in the global development phenomenon led to a feedback of lessons that shaped how Canadians, their communities and their institutions related to the Global South. read more

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Histories of Humanitarianism and (Visual) Media, CNHH Panel at the CHA, University of Regina

June 13, 2018

The Canadian Network on Humanitarian History sponsored a panel at the Canadian Historical Association in Regina on May 29th, 2018 on “Histories of Humanitarianism and (Visual) Media.” Four presentations explored the complicated ways in which media, particularly visual media, challenged, described, and elicited humanitarian interventions in the 20th century. On the whole, the panel asked the audience to think about the important role that media has played in histories of humanitarianism globally, and the complexities inherent in the use of media as a tool in humanitarian contexts. read more

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Human Rights Frameworks and Why They Matter

March 23, 2016

In this episode of History Slam, Postdoctoral Fellow Sean Graham speaks to Dr. Alicia Ely Yamin about her new book Power, Suffering, and the Struggle for Dignity: Human Rights Frameworks for Health and Why They Matter.

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“Ideas from the Trenches – Just Trying to Help“, CBC, 15 September 2015

September 24, 2015

“The borderlands that separate genuine helpfulness from meddling—or worse—are an unruly region in the realm of thought…riddled with questions of consent and of who-knows-best. This episode is called Just Trying to Help and it takes us to a small, densely populated island in the Caribbean, where wealthy foreigners have been ‘just trying to help’ for decades: the troubled nation of Haiti.

It is the latest in our series Ideas from the Trenches where producers Tom Howell and Nicola Luksic showcase the work of PhD students across the country. Marylynn Steckley is a PhD graduate from Western University. She spent 6 years in Haiti with her family both as an NGO worker and researcher.” 55 minutes.  SSHRC Storyteller winner.

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